Recent developments in the law mean that a member of the general public can now instruct a barrister directly, without first going through a solicitor. We aim to make the process as straightforward as possible for you. Call 020 7842 7070 to find out more.

Because the barrister’s role is unchanged and there are limits on the types of work that a barrister can do, there are still some cases and situations in which you will need to instruct a solicitor or another intermediary as well as a barrister. However, for many cases the public access scheme allows you to go directly to the expert barrister for advice, representation and drafting.


Members of the public can now instruct a barrister directly without involving a solicitor.


Barristers can advise you on your legal status or rights. We can draft documents and represent you in court, tribunals and mediations.


Barristers can also negotiate on your behalf and can attend employment or investigative interviews and hearings where appropriate.


To find a barrister who does public access work please see below. Use the filter to find someone who deals in the area of law relevant to your case.