Client Information

Basis of Fees:

All publicly funded fees are calculated at the rates prescribed by the relevant governing bodies. Where cases are privately funded, fees must be agreed prior to counsel commencing work. No additional fees will be charged without prior agreement.  The barristers’ availability, the type & complexity of the case, their hourly rate, time in reading case papers and preparation, attendance in court and/or conference, complexity and urgency. Different barristers’ fees are charged at different rates depending on call, experience and the complexity of the case.  All fees exclude VAT. Some of our barristers are NOT VAT registered, you can see who is and who is not on each barrister’s profile. If you are unsure or would like any clarification on any aspect of fees, including any specific rates, then please contact the clerks, who will be happy to assist.

Court Hearings

The basis for private fees to be charged will be agreed in advance of the hearing. Fees for court work take into account the following factors:

  • estimated time required for preparation
  • estimated time to be spent in Court
  • case complexity
  • issues at stake
  • seniority of the barrister
  • whether an abnormal workload was placed on the barrister through late instruction / urgency of the work etc.

Direct Access

Chambers abides by the Bar’s Code of Conduct in respect of acceptance of instructions from solicitors and other professional clients. If Chambers is contacted directly by a member of the public, the client will be referred to Chamber website regarding Direct Access:

Direct Professional Access is operated by numerous members of chambers, who have all undertaken the relevant Bar Council Course. Chambers will ensure that the Bar Council’s guidance in this respect is followed.


Normally fees for paperwork are not agreed in advance, however, if an estimate is required, the clerks (in liaison with the barrister concerned if necessary) will provide an approximate fee. The following factors are taken into account when providing such estimates and when compiling the fee-note:

  • total time taken to complete the work
  • complexity of the matter
  • issues at stake
  • seniority of the barrister
  • the urgency of the work and the need to reschedule other matters

All work

All time spent is recorded on the Lex system to ensure that the fees charged can be substantiated by the barrister for specific work activities. If requested, the clerks will be able to explain further how the eventual fee was calculated.

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